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Fulfill your potential and be the CEO of

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Our mission is to empower you to achieve your professional purpose, while also attaining wealth and well-being.

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Are you a driven, high-achieving professional who aspires for more?

scott raven
I guide motivated, high-achieving professionals on their path to success, whether it’s finding more fulfillment in the corporate world or navigating the world of entrepreneurship. I empower them to align with their purpose, achieve well-being, and realize their fullest potential.
scott raven

Founder | The Raven Group


We equip you with the tools, confidence, and learning environment essential for navigating your unique path to success, ensuring you're positioned to leverage opportunities and make impactful decisions.


As your trusted partner, we use our knowledge to consistently guide you, ensuring you're well-prepared to harness your potential and make meaningful contributions wherever your journey leads.


Our goal is for you to create wealth and well-being, always encouraging informed decisions and calculated risks that align with your vision and aspirations.


We foster a network of professionals who learn from and support each other, cultivating an environment where every member is treated with respect and can thrive.


Embracing adaptability, we encourage perseverance through challenges and guide you in recognizing and seizing pivotal moments, all while exemplifying resilience in our own approach.

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Make the shift today.

Embarking on becoming the CEO of your life is a transformative experience. It’s about aligning your professional path with your personal purpose, wealth aspirations, and well-being.

Whether you choose the entrepreneurial route or another avenue, The Raven Group and The Ascent program are here to guide you. This shift empowers you to shape the future, influence trends, and create a lasting impact. Embrace this exciting transition with a holistic approach, ensuring every step resonates with your vision and value.

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Create a legacy through purpose & passion-driven work with “The Ascent”, a 12-week Transformational Program.

Scott Raven

Founder & Business Coach

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Launching your own project is...


One of the most exciting things you can do after a corporate career. Having a solid foundation as a high achieving employee sets some of the foundation for being successful in your own venture. However it all comes down to having the right advice.


What clients say about my program

I must truly say to those of you reading this, that Scott really is a game of life GAME CHANGER! What an amazing man who is true to himself but he also teaches others to do the same thing.

Our interactions with him have been so personally gratifying and we genuinely have learned from his philosophy.
Scott has really lived what he coaches about which lends to an authenticity that is incredibly necessary in today’s society.
Scott has seen the summit of success and the valleys of despair, disenchantment and disillusionment. As he so well knows, spending too much time in those valleys leads to one of the deepest valleys called burnout.

Allow him to show you the way back to the summit and to get there the right way without compromising yourself.
Don’t waste another minute!

Dr. George Naum- Physician, Coach

Dr. George Naum- Physician, Coach


Scott is on of the most upbeat and optimistic coaches I have ever come across. He is a problem solver as well as confidence builder. I love his ability to see what’s hidden, connect the dots and empower others to take charge of their ‘bullshit’ for better results and success.

I would describe his approach as “Tough love with tenderness.”
Every time I interact with Scott he has a glass half full approach but he is also able to share constructive feedback in way that creates growth opposed to feeling bad.
If you are looking for someone to help you build your confidence, overcome the fear of failure, combat your self-doubt, and smash down your limiting beliefs. Scott is the coach for you!
I highly recommend him in every way possible.
It’s been a true pleasure to work with Scott and be around his infectious energy!

Kat May Jeffrey, Coach & Capability Expert

Kat May Jeffrey, Coach & Capability Expert


I’m always inspired when in the presence of Scott, with his incredible way of communicating and providing a thought-provoking look at life’s purpose. He has a client-centric approach to his work, and his ability to listen and articulate one’s needs & vision truly shows. Highly recommended Scott for those wanting more out of their lives and want a coach in their corner who is empathetic, strategic, and action-orientated.

Brad Strydom, Health Coach

Brad Strydom, Health Coach


If you, like I was, are feeling a bit lost, exhausted or even burnt out in your life, career and/or business, and you want to take charge of your health, happiness and success, I highly recommend you reach out to Scott Raven to find out how he can help you.

What you see, is what you get with Scott.

He is honest, compassionate, open-hearted and tough in a good way.

He will help you take full responsibility and accountability for yourself, allowing you rise above any self-imposed victim status we might have taken on, and help you take the necessary actions required to thrive in your life, career, business and relationships again.

If any questions re. working with Scott feel free to reach out and I’ll be delighted to vouch for him. He is a highly gifted Loyalty Coach and a wonderful human being too.

Kristine Bell, Customer Strategist

Kristine Bell, Customer Strategist

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