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Welcome to The Raven Group

Be the CEO of Your Life

The Raven Group is a coaching practice that specializes in guiding accomplished professionals towards achieving their unique definitions of success.

It’s founded by its leader, Scott Raven, with his extensive background in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship. He brings a wealth of practical experience to his coaching. He has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that professionals face in their careers and businesses. His approach is practical, honest, and transparent, providing clients with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their journeys with confidence.

Why is this important?

Who is responsible for tying your purpose, wealth, and well-being goals together?

The answer is a simple one: you are.

And if you’re like many, this is something that you have left to the hands of others.

Particularly if you are in a corporate position where what you do is most aligned with what your company needs, not necessarily what you need.

That’s where The Raven Group comes in.

Our mission

To fuel the aspirations of accomplished professionals, helping them pursue their purpose and secure wealth and well-being, by instilling in them entrepreneurial skill sets and mindsets so that they truly become the CEO of their lives.

What we offer

Programs for Entrepreneurs

The Raven Group offers a range of programs, including a twelve-week program for individuals seeking a career transition and a six-week program for entrepreneurs looking to align their business ventures with their personal purpose. These programs include weekly group coaching sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions, and a wealth of resources such as workbooks, videos, and other materials.

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching sessions

1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions

Useful Resources

A wealth of resources such as workbooks, videos, and other materials.

Community & Networking

In addition to coaching, The Raven Group is also committed to building a community of like-minded professionals. Scott believes in the power of community and the value of shared experiences

I’m always inspired when in the presence of Scott, with his incredible way of communicating and providing a thought-provoking look at life’s purpose. He has a client-centric approach to his work, and his ability to listen and articulate one’s needs & vision truly shows. Highly recommended Scott for those wanting more out of their lives and want a coach in their corner who is empathetic, strategic, and action-orientated.

Brad Strydom

Brad Strydom

CEO, logistics

Scott is a very loyal man who has a gift for helping people find their purpose and turn it into life long desire! Scott will serve you & be that mentor that tells you how it is but also knows what to say at the right time. 100% recommend Scott Raven

Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Business owner

Scott Raven is a savvy, driven and brilliant Mentor & Educator who works hard to help people win big. He has decades of the right experience and is a top man with a heart of gold and deep insights. Love his work and he’s highly recommended!

Edward Zia

Edward Zia

Sales manager
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