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The ‘Getting Specific’ module is a transformative part of The Ascent program offered by The Raven Group. It is designed to bring clarity to your entrepreneurial journey by helping you define your goals with precision and detail.

Unleashing Details through Leading Questions

The first step involves using leading questions to uncover more in-depth details and benefits linked to your desired objectives. These questions are structured to provoke thought, stimulate curiosity, and encourage you to delve deeper into your aspirations, thus refining your vision.

Self-Development Checklist: Tackling Obstacles Head-On

Next, you’ll work on identifying potential obstacles that could hinder your progress. By acknowledging these challenges, you can create a self-development checklist. This tool is a roadmap for personal growth, designed to increase your chances of success by addressing potential hurdles proactively.

Actionable Steps Towards Self-Development

Finally, you’ll be encouraged to select one item from your self-development checklist and take immediate action. This practice promotes a proactive approach to personal growth and reinforces the principle of taking consistent steps towards achieving your goals. By focusing on one item at a time, this method ensures that each area of development receives your full attention and effort.

In summary, the ‘Getting Specific’ module in The Ascent program provides a clear and structured approach to goal-setting and self-development, essential elements for every budding entrepreneur.

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