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The ‘Starting Strong’ module forms a crucial part of The Ascent program offered by The Raven Group. It aims to establish robust daily routines and habits that align with your entrepreneurial objectives, setting the foundation for consistent effort and success.

Morning Routine Analysis: Setting the Tone for Success

The initial focus is an in-depth examination of your morning routine. This process involves understanding how you start your day and identifying opportunities for improvement or adjustments, thus ensuring that your mornings set a positive and productive tone for the rest of the day.

Developing Goal-Aligned Habits: Consistency is Key

Next, we work on adjusting your habits to align them with your objectives. The aim is to incorporate necessary actions into your daily routine, fostering consistency and gradual progress towards your goals. These adjusted habits serve as stepping stones on your entrepreneurial journey.

Nighttime Recap Ritual: Preparing for Tomorrow Today

Lastly, you’ll be guided to establish a nighttime habit of recapping your key wins and learnings from the day. Additionally, you’ll plan your most important tasks for the next day and arrange your calendar accordingly. This practice encourages reflection, celebration of progress, and strategic planning, ensuring that you’re always prepared for the day ahead.

In essence, the ‘Starting Strong’ module equips you with the tools to create powerful daily routines that propel you towards your entrepreneurial goals.

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