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The ‘Tracking’ module, a vital part of The Ascent program by The Raven Group, focuses on developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), defining targets, and refining your battle map in line with these KPIs. This module plays a significant role in monitoring progress and ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

Developing KPIs: Measuring What Matters

Firstly, you’ll work on developing the most important KPIs for your business. These are quantifiable measures that help track your performance against strategic objectives. Identifying the right KPIs provides clarity about what success looks like and how it can be measured.

Setting Targets: Aiming for Success

Next, you’ll define your desired and stretch targets. Desired targets represent your primary goals, while stretch targets push you to go beyond, fostering innovation and high performance. Setting clear targets provides direction and motivation, propelling you towards your entrepreneurial vision.

Refining Battle Map: Aligning Strategy with Performance

Lastly, you’ll refine your battle map in line with your KPIs. This involves adjusting your strategy based on your performance metrics, ensuring that your actions align with your goals. This continuous refinement process helps keep your business agile and responsive to change.

In summary, the ‘Tracking’ module in The Ascent program equips you to effectively measure performance, set ambitious targets, and continually refine your strategy, setting a clear path towards entrepreneurial success.

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